AABA/ARTScrawl is a co-operative of small, local arts businesses and non-profits committed to promoting the arts in New Mexico. We recognize that we are stronger working together. The more of us there are, the more locals and visitors we are able to tell about the arts, art events, and our businesses and organizations. We do this through the distribution of our annual ART Guide and using our newsletter and social media to advertise monthly first Friday and First Sunday* ARTScrawl events, Meet the Artist events, and other happenings throughout the month for our members.

We also recognize and value the importance of other small, local, like-minded businesses for the cultural and economic vibrancy of our community, and encourage those businesses to advertise in the ART Guide with us as Community Sponsors.

*First Sunday events at this time are exclusive to Corrales



What does my membership include?

Membership benefits and dues vary by category. Please visit the Membership Information page for more information!


How is the AABA Organized?

The AABA is organized as a business cooperative. As a Full, Associate, or Basic member that has signed the Operating Agreement, you are considered a shareholder in the LLC. Artist members and Community supporters do not hold stock or have voting privileges but still receive benefits as per their membership and/or advertising agreement with the organization.


Is my membership tax-deductible?



You said I will be a shareholder. Is there a buy-in cost?

Yes, but basically no. There is no additional cost over your regular dues. Your initial capital investment will be included in and equal to your first year's dues.


How does voting on important issues related to the organization work?

Your voting privileges are proportional to your shareholder stock in the LLC. Full members ($500/yr) receive a full vote (1). Associate ($350/yr) and Basic ($250/yr) members also receive a vote representing their buy-in, so 0.70 and 0.50 of a vote respectively. Votes will still be conducted when the organization makes major changes that effect the membership.


What's the deal with potential dividends?

The AABA is organized as a business cooperative. It exists solely to promote its member artists and businesses. As such, we effectively operate as a non-profit organization, but we are not tax-exempt. It is our intent to spend every membership dollar on the promotion of our members, but should we find ourselves in the position of having received more funds than we have been able to spend in a calendar year above and beyond a prudent financial cushion, those extra dollars will be distributed back to our members in good standing per their proportional membership as related to the whole. This is only applicable to Full, Associate, and Basic members. Artist members, One Time ARTScrawl Participants, and Community Sponsors are not shareholders and will not receive dividends.


I am a non-profit organization. Where do I fit?

The AABA remains committed to the broad promotion of the arts in New Mexico. We continue to welcome non-profit arts organizations and depending on their needs, all levels of membership are open to them. We also continue to offer in-trade memberships to eligible organizations. Please inquire: info@artscrawlabq.org Membership includes inclusion in the ART Guide. Non-profits may also take advantage of one-time participation in the ARTScrawl program if regular membership is not for you.


What's the scoop on the ART Guide?

The ART Guide is a beautiful, full color 5.5" x 8.5" booklet that represents an enduring reference of local arts businesses for both locals and visitors. It is published in late January/early February of each year and is distributed through our member galleries and community sponsors. See the 2021/2022 version here!


What about advertising for my monthly events?

Advertising for monthly ARTScrawl events is done through our monthly newsletter, our website, and boosted social media campaigns which have great local reach!


When are my membership dues due?

The membership year runs January 1-December 31. Membership dues and ad copy for the ARTS Guide will be due no later than December 31st of a given year for inclusion in the printed ART Guide. You can sign up and pay your dues here.

Please note that we need all members to fill out the membership application and sign off on the operating agreement regardless of if you have done so in prior years. This will help us keep our records up to date and make sure we have all the correct contacts for your organization.


I missed the deadline! Can I still join?

Yes! Businesses and organizations are welcome to join after the ART Guide deadline during the course of the regular year at a pro-rated rate, and will receive all other membership benefits but will not be included in that year's ART Guide.